Elizabeth James Perry


Wampum pendants
  • Heard Guild 2015 2nd Place wampum choker and earrings
  • Mother Earth and Bear necklace
  • Wampum pendants
  • Wampum alliance collar
  • Twined bird pouch of organic handspun yarn with natural dye
  • Shark's tooth patterned twine pouch
  • (left) Earrings named Night and Day for the deep, mysterious purple and lively
    red and yellow-toned pairing; (right) This long, delicate pair is dubbed The Dancer
  • Seipat earrings. Our word for river water describes the nice flow of lavender,
    blue and soft red in the top portion of these earrings.
  • Montaup wampum choker featuring thicker old-fashioned wampum beads
  • Salmon storyline tapestry bag
  • Chevron design finger-woven sash
  • Deep purple wampum necklace strung on hand-spun, naturally-dyed traditional milkweed fiber
  • Blackfish woven wampum Choker on linen and deerskin
  • Rain motif soft basket twined with organic, handspun yarns
  • Wampanoag Harpoon Necklace, wampum on hand spun milkweed plant fiber
  • Woven porcupine quill cuff bracelet
  • Tightly-twined patterned bag, natural dyes: traditionally twined
  • Handcrafted circle and shield Wampum earrings on sterling silver
  • Oval and wampum drop earrings
  • A traditional palette of natural dyes on wild-harvested, handspun milkweed

All images and designs copyright Elizabeth James Perry.


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